LEAD Loddon Murray partners with our clients in business, government and the community sector to deliver services enriched by our unique grassroots engagement in communities across the region.  With over 500 Graduates of the LMCLP living in the Loddon Murray region, our brand and partnership approach is well respected and understood. Our core team based in the Bendigo office design facilitation, leadership development and community engagement services for clients, delivered by our staff and LEAD Collective of trusted Associates.

Services we offer:

Strategic and Business Planning

Our experience includes facilitation of strategic and business/action plans for community organisations, small business and government agencies. Our dynamic approach will engage the talent, skills and experience of your board members and stakeholders. Our team can assist your board and team to track for alignment to the strategy within your organisation and to coach other team members, ensuring all efforts help achieve the strategy.

Governance and Leadership

Our team support Committees of Management and Boards to navigate complex environments and issues with confidence. We deliver customised workshops and retreats for your team involved in leading and governing the organisation. Our approach, building on the existing skills, experience and wisdom in the room makes for enjoyable and dynamic professional development. Our clients include business associations, government agencies, community groups, incorporated associations and trusts.

Succession Management

Communities need great leaders and contributors. In our experience (in small communities in particular), generous established leaders are shouldering a significant volunteer workload. We coach established leaders through effective succession, supporting their journey by developing timelines, training and induction to facilitate a smooth handover of important roles. We can scaffold emerging leaders through the succession process too, including navigating their relationships with founders/established leaders.

Managing Change in Community Groups

Groups serving communities in our region navigate constant change. Some invest in the tools, skills and processes to reduce the burden on their volunteers. Those high performing groups join LEAD Loddon Murray’s team, sharing practical examples of navigating change to improve outcomes and retain members and volunteers.