Building the capacity of
local communities
to drive change.

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Inspired, capable leadership for self-determined rural and regional communities.

We awaken in others the desire to be of service, leading communities in ways that unite, build up, include and fortify. Our graduates grow into drivers who engage and unite community members in a shared vision and who strengthen their capacity to achieve it together.

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We Develop Leaders

LEAD Loddon Murray has operated our core Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program annually since 1998. We have also developed and delivered or facilitated tailored programs such as; Leading Excellence Maryborough, Power to the People and ADAPT Loddon Mallee. We have also run short courses and retreats for emerging leaders, and can tailor leadership development experiences for your needs.

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We Build Capacity

LEAD Loddon Murray partners with our clients in business, government and the community sector to deliver services enriched by our unique grassroots engagement in communities across the region.  With over 600 Graduates living in the Loddon Murray region, our brand and partnership approach is well respected and understood. Our core team and consultants design tailored facilitation, leadership development and community engagement services.

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We Facilitate Conversations 

We live in times of constant change. Community leaders have an important role to play in facilitating conversations, often with an entire community, and potentially around contentious issues of change. Is your community in the midst of a challenging conversation? Contact our team of trusted, experienced facilitators to help you design and deliver effective community engagement.

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